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The Japanese Journal of the History of Biology

Edited and Published by the Biological Unit of the History of Science Society of Japan ISSN 0386-9539

No.96, November 2017


Bunzo Hayata's Unpublished Public Letter gI Dare to Make an Appeal to Our Country's Systematists, Gyo Nakao


Introduction, Yoshinori TOJO

Workshop of "Deer of Nara" and History of Biology

An acceptance and inclusion of wild aniimals in local society, Yoshinori TOJO

Watching and protecting deer in Nara Park: the activity of foundation for the protection of deer in Nara, Yasuyuki FUJIMOTO and Yutaka YOSHIDA

Protection and Management of "Deer of Nara", Up to now and From now on, Shinichi WATANABE

Reports of Presentations

The crocodile specimen collected in Davao, Philippines by Terutaka Ishiko, Ken-ichi SETSUDA and Kiyomi NAKAO

Milk Utilization of Water Buffalo in the Philippines, Takashi TSUJI

The history and current status of Formosan sika deer in Tomogashima Island, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, Yuki MATSUMOTO and Ryosuke KODA

Overview of the Research about "Environmental Education in Japanese Higher Education" in the fields of Higher Education Policy and Institutionalization of Science -Focusing on "Journal Communities" -, Hiromi UCHIYAMA

Systemic mechanisms of al ife or a living state, Keiichi ONOYAMA

The birth of the idea of heredity, Toshio MATSUNAGA

The Mendel's Heir?: J.P.Lotsy's Evolutionary Theory Based on Hybridization, Gyo NAKAO

A forestry management plan for the Arashiyama district of Kyoto in the 1930s: cultural tradition and science over landscape conservation, Kyoko IWATA

Survey of the Skipjack Tuna Fishing by Okinawa Prefectural Fisheries Experimental Station, and Recent Fishery, Kenji YOSHIMURA



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