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The Japanese Journal of the History of Biology

Edited and Published by the Biological Unit of the History of Science Society of Japan ISSN 0386-9539

No.95, June 2017

[REVIEW MEETING]On Keiko Sato, Haeckel und Fantasie der Evolution --Monismus, Ökologie und Stammbaum

Introductory Speech by the Moderator, Shunkichi MATSUMOTO

Publishing History and Summary of Haeckel's Monism, Keiko SATO

Ernst Haeckel, or the natural philosophy of crystals, Daisuke OKUMURA

Reply to Comments by Mr. Okumura, Keiko SATO

[REVIEW MEETING]On Katsuji Nagasawa, Biography of Dr. Wataru Sutow

Open up a New Vista for the History of ABCC: A Biography of Dr. Wataru Sutow, Maika NAKAO

Miscellaneous Thoughts on a Biography of Dr. Wataru Sutow, Hajime KIKIMA

Atomic Bomb Casualty Cornmission and its Japanese Counterpart, Yasushi KAKIHARA

Some Updates on a Biography of Dr. Wataru Sutow, Katsuji NAGASAWA

[REVIEW MEETING]On Takashi Yokoyama, The History of Eugenic Society in Japan

Introduction, Hiro FUJIMOTO

How did I become interested in the history of eugenics, Zenji SUZUKI

Comment on Critique of 'Genealogy of Eugenics Laws' Theory, Yoko MATSUBARA

Reproductive Control in Eugenic Society, Naoko ONO

How eugenics studies can stand outside of the concept of biopower, Niina TAKEMOTO

Responses to the comments on my book and what l want to do about studies on the history of eugenics


Ray Spangenburg and Diane Kit Moser, Barbara McClintock: Pioneering Geneticist, Mariko OGAWA



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