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Research projects

An immense amount of biological data have been accumulated in various databases. Based on these data resources as well as data from collaborators, the laboratory aims to devise new computational strategies for medical diagnosis and treatments. The laboratory's mission also includes to uncover mechanisms of biological systems. Recent research topics are the followings.

Biomedical Engineering, Biosignal Processing, Multiomics Analysis, Systems Biology, Bioinformatics

Biological Signal and Interpretation

  • Biomonitoring using capacitive sensors *1
  • Estimation of the primary position of the eyeballs based on video-oculography *2
  • Estimation of the electrode positions of cochlear implant *2
  • New estimation method of Logan plot for PET kinetic analysis *3
  • Balance assist appratus using somatosensory stimulation
  • Analysis of human posture control system

Biomedical Informatics

  • Systems analysis of interaction between microRNA and gene expressions in cancer *4
  • Mining of data from next generation sequencer *4, *5      
  • Disease genomics based on association between electric health records and genomic data *6

*1 Collaboration with Bioelectronic Interface Lab., Tokyo Denki Univ. (The page is written in Japanese.)
*2 Collaboration with Dept. Otorhinolaryngology, Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ.
*3 Collaboration with Biosystems Lab., Kindai Univ.
*4 Collaboration with Dept. Mol Oncology, Tokyo Medical Univ. (The page is written in Japanese.)
*5 Collaboration with Dept. Mol Pathology, Tokyo Medical Univ. (The page is written in Japanese.)
*6 Collaboration with Dept. Biomed. Informatics, Harvard Medical School


Lab for Biomed Informatics
Dept Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Kogakuin University
1-24-2 Nishi-Shinjuk, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8677, Japan
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