• An E-commerce Recommender System Based on Degree of Specialties in Online Shops  PDF  プレプリント
    財前 元希,北山 大輔,角谷 和俊
    第6回データ工学と情報マネジメントに関するフォーラム(DEIM Forum 2014), B9-3, 兵庫県, 2014年3月, 査読無
  • 概要
    Use of online shopping sites, such as Amazon and Rakuten, has increased in recent years. Many shops participate in these sites. The categories of shops represent various intended uses for listed items. For example, a flashlight is often used for camping or emergency items, so some shops use a category such as “Outdoors” or “Emergency Supplies” for that item. In this paper, we aim to build a recommender system for specialty shops based on the viewpoints of items browsed by users. We first extract viewpoints of browsed items by using category structures of online shops. Through this, we analyze the category structures and selection of goods to determine specialty shops.
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