• Integration Method for Complex Queries Based on Hyponymy Relations  PDF  プレプリント
    Daisuke Kitayama and Takuma Matsumoto
    26th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2015), Vol.2, pp.359-368, Valencia, Spain, 2015年9月, 査読有
  • 概要
    Users often find it difficult to build suitable Web search queries even if they can explain the target of their search. In this situation, users must create complex queries using Boolean search operators such as “AND” and “NOT” by trial and error. However, complex queries often narrow down search results to a great extent. Therefore, we consider that users would like to replace their queries with simple queries that can retrieve the same target as complex queries. In this paper, we propose an integration method for complex queries based on hyponymy relations. We retrieve the same target as a complex query using a keyword that represents a narrower concept of one of the keywords in a complex query. Using this method, users can use understandable, simple queries and obtain many Web search results that have the same target as the complex query.
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