• Extraction Method for Anaba Spots based on Name Recognition and User's Evaluation  PDF  プレプリント
    Daisuke Kitayama
    Proc. of The 18th International Conference on Information Integration and Web Based Applications & Services (iiWAS2016), pp.14-17, 2016年11月, 査読有
  • 概要
    In recent years, the importance of information on tourism is increasing because inbound tourists have a beneficial economic effect on regions that attract them. In general, the most popular method of obtaining tourism information is through guidebooks, which often consider only famous sightseeing spots. However, attractive spots are not available only in guidebooks. I consider that finding attractive spots on one's own would satisfy tourists. Therefore, I propose an extraction method for finding attractive Anaba (implying well-kept secret) spots based on users' evaluation and number of visitors. I define Anaba spots because they have low name recognition and high evaluation. In this study, I developed a prototype system by using a photo-sharing site to calculate name recognition and user's evaluation, and evaluated the proposed method.
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