• Query Keyword Extraction from Complaint Data for Collecting Advice  PDF  プレプリント
    楊 靚,北山 大輔,角谷 和俊
    第11回データ工学と情報マネジメントに関するフォーラム(DEIM Forum 2019), G6-2, 長崎県, 2019年3月, 査読無
  • 概要
    Nowadays, there are a large number of users who post complaints about a certain service on the In- ternet. Because users have various values and views, even if they receive the same service, they may complain in different ways. However, it is quite difficult to respond to various user demands for service in real time and there are almost no direct solutions when users feel dissatisfied with a certain service. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a method that generates query keywords according to various user complaints about a certain service for collecting advice. To generate query keywords, we extract the company names, complaint topic words and advice topic words from complaint data. Then suitable web pages containing advice are recommended from the results of the query. This advice could address users’ dissatisfaction and respond to their different demands in a comprehensive way.
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