• Method for Changing Users' Attitudes Towards Fashion Styling by Showing Evaluations After Coordinate Selection  PDF  プレプリント
    Chiken Yuichi, Daisuke Kitayama
    Proc. of The 15th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (IMCOM2021), pp.1--7, 2021年1月, 査読有
  • 概要
    When users perform a fashion coordination search, they tend to select their ``preferred styles,'' or styles that match their personal tastes, from among the search results. However, for effective fashion coordination, it is also important for one's fashion style to not only be suited to one's own preferences but also be highly evaluated by other people. In this paper, we propose a method that displays the evaluation values, such as the number of favorites, of fashion coordinates in the search results not when the search results are first displayed, but after the user has selected his/her preference from among the search results. The purpose of this method is to emphasize the difference between how a user perceives his/her own preference and how it is evaluated by other people, and to help users become aware of the differences between their preferred styles and others' preferences and perceptions. In this study, we implemented a system for fashion coordination search wherein the inputs are the desired items and styles from the user. In addition, we designed an experiment wherein we would vary the presentation timing of metadata such as user evaluation and style information in the search results. This experimentation method would clarify the effect of the system on changing users' attitudes toward fashion styling with respect to the timing of the presentation of user evaluation scores.
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