Tomohide Takami, Professor

Address: 2665-1 Nakanomachi, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0015, Japan

Room: Hachioji Campus 04-308 (office), 04-356 (Laboratory)

Hobby: Making apparatus and visiting restaurants

Motto: 0.99^{365} = 0.03, 1^{365} = 1, 1.01^{365} = 37.8

Outline of our laboratory:

This laboratory was established on April 2015.

From the establisher of the laboratory:

We have been interested in the chemistry at nanoscale.

We have manipulated single molecules on surfaces with scanning probe microscope.

[For details, see our review paper: e-J. Surf. Sci. Nanotech. vol.12, pp.157–164 (2014). ]

Recently, we are interested in the manipulation using nanopipettes, which enable us to inject/extract molecules to/from living cells.

[For details, see our review paper: Nano Convergence, vol.1, p.17 (2014). ]

We are also interested in making novel nanoscale experiments possible.

So we sometimes make apparatus by ourselves.

We are waiting for newcomers to realize novel experiments and enjoy playing nanoscale chemistry with us.

We also have many collaborators not just in Japan but also in abroad.

So we are waiting for newcomers who like to speak nanoscale chemistry in English.

Please join us and enjoy nanochemistry.

Development of "nano mosquito" to manipulate nanopipette

We have been developing a fantastic robotic tool "nano mosquito".

For the development of "nano mosquito", we apply our own techniques on the development of scanning probe microscope we constructed by ourselves including the scanning head and the controller.

The development of "nano mosquito" will bring the application to the nanoscale fabrication and cell engineering as well as to the research on basic science we could not conduct so far.

Published Papers (after moving to Kogakuin University):

Tomohide Takami, Development and Perspective of Automatic Cell Injection System: Hyomen Kagaku, Vol.36, No.12, 637-643 (2015).

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