Introductory Workshop on
Path Integrals and Pseudo-Differential Operators

Dates: October 7(Tue)-10(Fri), 2014

Venue: Room 110, RIMS, Kyoto University, Japan

The workshop(2014) The workshop(2011) The workshop(2010)

1. Program and Short Abstracts

Program     Program(Japanese)     Short Abstracts

2. Invited Speakers and Lectures

Jean-Claude Zambrini(Lisbon University, Portugal) "Path integrals and stochastic analysis with Bernstein processes"(Part 1,Part 2)

Sonia Mazzucchi(University of Trento, Italy) "Feynman path integrals as infinite dimensional oscillatory integral"(Part 1,Part 2)

Dong Hyun Cho (Kyonggi University, Korea)"Comparisons among simple formulas for generalized conditional Wiener integrals and its applications over continuous paths"

Byoung Soo Kim (Seoul National University of Technology, Korea)(uncertain)"Change of scale formulas for Wiener integrals"

Takeyuki Hida (Nagoya University, Japan)"White noise approach to path integrals: From Lagrangian to Hamiltonian"

Daisuke Fujiwara (Gakushuin University, Japan)"A integration by parts formula for Feynman path integrals"

Takashi Ichinose (Kanazawa University, Japan)"On three imaginary-time path integral formulas with magnetic fields in relativistic quantum mechanics"

Wataru Ichinose (Shinshu University, Japan)"On the construction of the Feynman path integral for the Dirac equations"

Fumio Hiroshima (Kyushu University, Japan)"Applications of functional integrations to spectral analysis of QFT"

Naoto Kumano-go (Kogakuin University, Japan)*Organizer "Phase space Feynman path integrals of higher order parabolic type"

Chiba Yasuo(Tokyo University of Technology, Japan)*Sub-Organizer"Boundary value problems of differential equations with irregular singularities in microlocal analysis"

Rule of Introductory Workshop

This introductory workshop is open to everyone. Speaker must give an introductory lecture about his/her important research without respect to the past and the present. Especially, aged professor must talk about his important result for young researchers, even if he talked many times decades ago. Because young researchers have never heard the talk of aged professor directly, and young researchers want to know what the aged professor was thinking and how the aged professor solved it.

Naoto Kumano-go (e-mail:ft24343(atto)
Yasuo Chiba(e-mail:ychiba(atto)

3. Access to RIMS

Access to RIMS (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences)

4. Hotel Information (under construction)

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Close to Downtown Kyoto:

Downtown Kyoto is roughly the rectangle bound by Kawaramachi street (with City bus No.17 line to RIMS) in the east, by Karasuma street (with the Karasuma subway line from Kyoto Station) in the west, by Shijo street in the south, and by Oike street with the City Hall in the north. This is where the large department stores and the shopping malls are located. Gion, the traditional and exclusive entertainment district, is further east across the Kamo river. With one bus and walk, you can make easy connections to the RIMS campus from many hotels.

Close to Kyoto University:

Unfortunately, there are hardly any hotels close to Kyoto University. Some of the hotels listed below are within walking distance, some are not.

Close to JR Kyoto station (Southern Kyoto):

There are many more hotels close to the main train station (JR Kyoto station). Since this is south of the city center while Kyoto University is to the north-east, this area may be less convenient.

For a list of hotels see any tourist webpage on Kyoto, e.g., the one of the Kyoto Visitor's Guide.