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Publications (Only publications after April 1, 2012)

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  • Yutaka Fukuoka, Takanori Uchiyama, Taishin Nomura: Fundamentals of Biosystems Modeling and Simulation, ISBN 987-4-339-03371-7, Corona Publishing Co., LTD, March 2015. (in Japanese)

Reviews etc.

  • Yutaka Fukuoka: Future outlook of the ME and Bio Cybernetics Technical Committee, J IEICE, 100, p. 1063, 2017. (in Japanese)
  • Yutaka Fukuoka: The Beginning of Division of Life Engineering, J SICE, 56, pp. 705-708, 2017. (in Japanese)
  • Koichi Yokosawa, Yutaka Fukuoka, Yuichi Kimura: Education Lecture, 56th JSMBE, Sendai, May 2017.
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International Conferences

  • Kazuma Matsui, Tomohiro Umezu, Junko H. Ohyashiki, Yutaka Fukuoka: A method to extract differential mutations by comparing next generation sequencing data from two conditions, 16th ISAT, P082, Hachioji, Japan, Nov 2017.
  • Paulus Kapundja Shigwedha, Yuichi Kimura, Yutaka Fukuoka: Improving the estimation of the distribution volume with Logan graphical analysis in PET receptor imaging by linear least-squares cubic regression method, 16th ISAT, P083, Hachioji, Japan, Nov 2017.
  • Yoshitaka Ohta, Takeshi Tsutsumi, Yutaka Fukuoka: Evaluation of accuracy in measurement of torsional eye movement using video-oculography, 16th ISAT, P084, Hachioji, Japan, Nov 2017.
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Japanese Domestics Conferences

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